You don’t make friends with salad, but you become your own friend (vom, but true). My love/hate relationship with salad was previously documented on this blog but to overshare once more – when I moved to Canberra my desire for comfort food went through the roof and my consumption of salad went waaaay way down. Eventually I realised I had to rekindle my relationship with salad. So to help you, help you, I have collated my current fave seasonal salads – also good for the ole’ “you bring salad” to BBQs. 

Asian Slaw

Based on my love of raw cabbage and nuoc mam cham but realisation that I can’t constantly eat fish sauce I make this salad to serve with seafood.

What you need:

½ head of red cabbage

1 birds eye chilli or a long red (depends on the heat you are after)

3 tsp soy sauce

Juice of one lemon

A generous glug of sesame oil

Let’s do this:

1.       Shred the cabbage thinly with a knife or a mandolin 

2.       Chop the chilli – I like to include the seeds but if aren’t into spice deseed the chilli (then wash your hands)

3.       Mix the cabbage and chilli together 

4.       The dressing needs to be mixed through at least 10 minutes before serving so the cabbage soaks it all in, so separately combine the dressing ingredients (soy, lemon and sesame oil) until this time.

This salad is best served with fish or a roast pork belly. It doesn’t really last very well so what you don’t eat, compost.

Watermelon Salad

This salad is everywhere I know, but there is a reason for this. It’s fruit, in a savoury salad, that you can eat with ANY BBQ. Delightful!

What you need:

¼ watermelon diced

1 block of Danish Feta cheese

½ bunch of mint or about a cup of loosely packed leaves

Juice of half a lemon

Let’s do this:

1.       Combine all ingredients. 

See just another reason you should definitely try this recipe.

Green salad with spicy broccolini

I am obsessed with broccoli/broccolini, it’s always been my favourite vegetable, I like it always and for all meals. I liked it even more after I made Adam Liaw’s roast broccoli which is life changing and directly inspired this recipe. Without the broccoli… this is just my regular fam salad. 

What you need: 

1 head of butter lettuce (brag – the ones pictured are from our veggie patch)

1 bunch of brocollini or a head of broccoli

1 birds eye chilli/ 1 tsp of chili flakes 

1-2 cloves of garlic, crushed

1/8 cup of grated parmesan

1 cucumber sliced

1 avocado sliced

Juice of 1 lemon

3 glugs of olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Let’s do this:

1.       To roast the broccolini place on a baking tray with the crushed garlic and chili. Glug some olive oil and mix with your hands

2.       Roast in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 15-20 minutes

3.       Meanwhile, wash and clean the lettuce leaves and prep the cucumber and avocado.

4.       Once the broccolini is ready, chop into more management bite-size pieces and mix with the fresh ingredients.

5.       Pour the dressing over and serve. 

This is a good everyday salad (you can even skip the broccolini), so perfect with pasta, roast chicken, bakes etc etc. This dressing doesn’t have garlic because it’s already in the broccolini, but if you skip the broccolini add a small clove to the dressing.

So, now you, your gut, and the BBQ will enjoy some gorgeous summer salads!

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