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The Cook and Baker – Cafe Profile

If you dream of old-fashioned desserts with fresh cream and homemade jam then The Cook and Baker may well be your heaven on earth. Nestled on Oxford Street a few blocks up from Westfield Bondi Junction, The Cook and Baker has been a local favourite since they opened in 2012.

Hailing from New Zealand, owners Cherie Bevan and Tassie Tauroa wanted to capture the essence of the bakeries of their childhood. They make a number of New Zealand-style goodies, including Louise Cakes, which are made up of a thin layer of cake topped with raspberry jam and coconut meringue, as well as traditional treats like custard tarts and lamingtons. Their doughnuts run out the door in the hundreds each week so get in early.

The Cook and Baker are passionate about using their family recipes and the best ingredients they can find. Organic products are used where possible, and the team make each element of their food from scratch. As well as baked goods, the cafe also serves a number of savoury options like ratatouille pies, frittatas and roast pork and apple slaw sandwiches, which are available daily.

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The Lost & Found Blood Orange Cocktail

The bartenders at Bulletin Place specialise in showcasing seasonal produce on their short, ever-changing cocktail list.

Hand-selecting only the freshest fruit from the markets, the team of tenders only purchase fruit that is in season, avoiding imported goods and some Queensland products that extend natural seasons. Often, fruit is selected only the night before use in the bar, ensuring maximum flavour and freshness. They also make an effort to incorporate “interesting booze that’s off everyone’s radar, like Amaros, aperitifs, alpine liqueurs, digestifs and lesser known distillates like aquavit and mead”, says co-owner and bartender Adi Ruiz.

With the weather warming, it’s easy to get distracted by the influx of imported berries and coconuts flooding the shops. But there are a few seasonal fruits that remain diamonds in the rough during the cooler season. Only available for a few weeks, it’s easy to miss blood oranges, so we asked Ruiz to mix us up a cocktail that showcases our favourite winter citrus while it’s still available. This bright-coloured tipple is what he came up with.

For one cocktail

50ml Tanqueray gin
15ml Sydney Garden honey
15ml Lemon juice
20ml Freshly pressed blood orange juice
2 dashes Pastis

Shake hard and garnish with a blood orange peel.

Bulletin Place is serving adventurous mixes of blood orange for the rest of their natural season, which is approximately three weeks – so get in quick!

SydneyDesignFair copy

Sydney Design Kicks Off

By Lauren Taborda,
29th July 2013

Presented and curated by the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Design is back for another year.

Spanning 75 events, lectures and workshops exploring the theme ‘re:think – can clever design save the world?’, this year’s instalment of Sydney Design gives audiences the opportunity to celebrate design, discover trade secrets and engage in discussions on the future of design and its impact on the world.

The festival opens with an exhibition of the work of George Nelson, one of the most influential American industrial designers of the 20th century and largely regarded as one of the founders of American modernism. The exhibition showcases some of Nelson’s most famous pieces as well as his essays on the responsibilities of the design industry.

International designers from a range of disciplines will speak in a series of keynote lectures alongside local designers, exploring the topics of sustainability and the potential of design to save the world and build stronger communities.

Events will be held throughout Sydney with the Australian Architecture Association hosting guided tours of the city’s most spectacular architectural feats throughout central Sydney and Castlecrag. There will also be a string of local design panels, including 50 Shades (presented by Parramatta Council), which will provide an insight into the designers and ideas behind the fastest growing area in Sydney.

The ever-popular Powerhouse Museum’s Young Blood Markets will also play a part. For 2013, Sydney Design is taking things one step further with local designers setting up studios in the Powerhouse Museum as a part of a studio pop-up series. This unique market provides audiences with a first hand look into the creative and design process.

Sydney Design will be held at various locations throughout the city from August 3 to 18.

The Book Circle

You Crafty Minx you!

I’ve never been what you would call “arty.” I like art but struggle to draw, paint, sketch etc. I had a fluke incident in year 6 that turned out so well that my parents framed it as the one and only time any in our clan did a half decent drawing. But I’ve always been “crafty”.  Following a forced hiatus from work last year I had to look for new ways to keep myself busy. I discovered Pinterest and my whole world opened up to endless possibilities of crafts and DIYs.

I began with simple things – attempting a scarf, some pillows, hand made cards, stamping and quickly my new hobby became somewhat of an obsession and has continued to grow. And although my initial projects have found there way to a landfill somewhere I like to think I’m getting better.

When I heard Kelly Doust was coming in for The Book Circle I was so excited, I snuck away with a copy of her The Crafty Minx at Home. The book is beautiful – from the water coloured frames to the thick glossy pages. Many of the photos are taken in Kelly’s home and showcase her crafts in the every day setting of her life. Kelly is a passionate crafter and many of her projects focus on recycling vintage or second hand items.

Growing up our houses were always what I like to call “blank canvases.” With each move Mum and Dad would go in and paint everything white. When I was younger this really annoyed me and I threatened painting my room black with bright coloured fish on the wall (who knows?). Thankfully, I instead rebelled with pops of colour, a lime rug, a yellow throw pillow etc. Kelly’s aesthetic is very different to what I am used to and overwhelmed me somewhat at first. But during filming Kelly had said that she started crafting because she couldn’t afford to decorate her new home to her taste and that statement totally resonated with me. I tend to make things that replicate things I can’t afford.

My craftspirations for some time have been Pip Lincolne from Meet Me at Mike’s and Beci Orpin due to their cute, easy projects with bright colours. Their use of white backdrops with colour makes me full super comfortable trying my hand at paper cuts, sewing projects and peter pan collars; all of which could seamlessly slip into my room and wardrobe. But Kelly’s ideas are inspiring and fun. I look forward to making a cozy jumper quilt or upcycling vintage dolls into bookends just a couple of very do-able projects from her book.

Now moving towards my mid-20s and still at uni, I use my crafternoons as a break from the pressures of word limits, deadlines and expectations. Finishing any project, no matter how small, gives me a sense of real accomplishment and feels way more rewarding than finishing some reading of a lengthy legal judgment. It’s almost therapeutic.

Last night in anticipation of this blog, I finished my latest project. Inspired by a wreath by Little Lamb I saw at Christmas I decided to fashion my own. Pretty happy with the finished project – I think Kelly would be proud.

Posted on 15th May 2013 at 12:25 pm by Lauren T.

Where the Wild things Are

Where The Wild Things Are

on February 10, 2013

Where The Wild Things Are is now 50 years old!

It is hard to believe but it has been 50 years since Max, Maurice Sendak’s little adventurer sailed across the years to the land of the Wild Things.

Sendak, who passed away last year at 83, created a timeless children’s classic that has entertained generations of young readers. Winning the 1964 Caldecott Medal for the Most Distinguished Picture Book of the Year, the book has since been adapted in film, opera and on stage.

To celebrate the 50 years of Where the Wild Things Are Harper Collins has released a 50th Anniversary edition of the book that has used state of the art technology to enhance Sendak’s original illustrations.

Let the wild rumpus continue!

Perth Writers Festival


Perth Writers Festival

on February 10, 2013

Perth Writer’s Festival kicks off on the 21st of February. Readings, talks, debates, workshops and more will be held in the beautiful grounds of The University of Western Australia, so make sure you get along.

Some favourite Get Reading! authors will be there, including current Book Of The Month author Graeme Simsion, as well as Andy Griffiths, Caroline Overington, Benjamin Law and Toni Jordan. The full list of authors attending can be found on the festival website.

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I also write the copy and content for some newsletters including the Huggies Bookclub franchise for Australia.

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