Little Lauren’s Blog Policy

I am a lover of local and small business and where possible try and walk the walk, however at this time I am not interested in sponsorship opportunities as I have been burned in the past and this has affected my readers directly. I will on occasion mention products I like and use in every day life.

Recipes – I cook all my recipes and try and test them for you at least twice with a third test done by a willing volunteer or just me, again… so three times. I price all the recipes based on the highest available price I can find online at the two major supermarkets in Australia, however I personally avoid shopping there. I recommend local farmers markets, markets and a certain German retailer or large American one if you want to get the best prices and fresh ingredients.

Photography – All photos are my own unless otherwise referenced. I do not add filters or effects to photos of food, however sometimes I brighten them when the lighting is not great (on that note, I am currently refreshing my photos with new equipment to prevent this). All photographs taken by me are subject to Australian copyright laws and if you wish to use my photography I would appreciate if appropriate credits be used.