I remember when I first moved to Canberra I was intent on going to the Farmer’s market. It had been a ritual for me in Sydney, although I must admit the markets in Sydney are open later so it was less of an effort. Anyway, I moved to Canberra 3 years ago, nearly to the day… so as you can imagine the seasonal vegetables were very… white. Years on I’ve embraced seasonality and the cold and there is nothing better than a delicious winter soup! So here we go, an easy white soup full of all the wintery goodness that is in season right now!

What you need:

Leek (finely sliced)
Half a cauliflower – leaves and all!
Cannellini beans
1 L- 1.5 L of water
4 stock cubes
Pine nuts
Chili powder
Bread to serve.
Stick blender
salt and pepper for seasoning

White Soup - dipper - Little Lauren's Adventures

Let’s do this:

  1. Heat your oven to 180 and place cauliflower (sprinkled with salt and olive oil) in there for 1 hour, also wrap 2 cloves of garlic in aluminum foil and tuck them into the oven too.
  2. Meanwhile chop the white part of a leak and add with about 2 tbs of oil, soften leaks in a deep, heavy based pot.
  3. Once softened add 1L of stock (if you don’t have stock liquid add the powdered stock based on instructions)
    Chop one potato and add to stock and bring to the boil
  4. Once potatoes are cooked, check the cauliflower, if it is charred and you can poke a knife through the thickest part, break it up and chuck it in the soup – I chucked it in whole – leaves and all! If not, turn the heat off on the pot and wait for the cauliflower to cook through (for half a cauliflower it takes about an hour, although I just realised you can break it into piece beforehand and it will take less time).
  5. Squeeze the roasted garlic into the pot and add a can of Cannellini beans into the mix and blitz with a stick blender.
  6. Put on low heat and simmer to warm through.
  7. If using Kale, place kale in the grill with a sprinkling of oil and salt – it should take about 10 minutes to crisp at the same time
  8. In a small fry pan add a tbs of butter and 1 tbs of pine nuts, brown pine nuts and butter slowly, careful not to burn.
  9. Serve soup in bowl with garnish of kale and a tsp of pine nuts butter and all. Add a pinch of chili powder.

This recipe makes 6 bowls of soup. Priced at the most expensive pricing from the two major Australian supermarkets as at 16 August 2017 it will cost $2.50 a serve or $15.00 for the soup with kale and pine nuts to spare (these are also the most expensive ingredients). Garlic, chili powder, water and stock powder are considered pantry staples.

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