You know what my new obsession is right now. Eating seasonally. I’m about 25 years late to the party, but nothing gets a season party happening quite like having your own vegetable garden – and some Summer Lovin’ Pizza.

Because of this veggie patch I know what’s really poppin’ this summer (and if you follow me on Instagram – you do to!) I’m talking about zucchinis. ZUCCHINI COMING OUTTA MY EYEBALLS. Luckily for everyone, it is a very versatile squash. It also has a very fresh and subtle flavour unlike it’s bretheren. I digress, my new crop of Zucchini made me experiment with all sorts of things – I made fritters for the FIRST TIME EVER (please remember at times like these my ethnically diverse background means I am much more at home making some exotic dishes than “classics” – just wait till you hear about our families hilarious Sunday roast story). So after a little while/the first time you ever make them, it becomes incredibly clear that fritters are not actually very healthy. And they aren’t really very summery either. Summer is about getting your skimp on: skimpy shorts, skimpy bikinis, skimpy male clothing, skimpy pizzas.

Summer Lovin Pizza - Little Lauren's Adventures - Dinner Setting

This pizza recipe aptly dubbed “Summer Lovin’ Pizza” because it is a celebration of all things summer on one pizza. These ingredients are HOT off the patch and should therefore be cheaper at the markets – keep your eyes peeled.

This written recipe makes for one pizza, but realistically you will eat more so just triple it now and be done with it (also then you won’t have any waste and you will have lunch).

What you need:

2  small zucchinis or one regular supermarket size zucchini
2-3 cherry tomatoes
a generous chunk (about 90g) of a crumbly feta
Pesto (preferably home blended otherwise add extra salt)
pizza base, mine is about 20 cm in diameter – so please adjust ingredients accordingly.

Let’s do this:

  1. Prepare your pizza base – I prefer home made but realistically leb bread will work, you’ll just need to adjust cooking times. I use whatever recipe pops up when I search “simple pizza base” in my phone, I have also learned that you can substitute bread flour and plain flour and there seems to be no impact to the dough.
  2. I cook this in a Summer Lovin’ Pizza Oven but you can also cook it in a regular oven. Once your base is to size (and only if using a fresh base) par-cook the base until it is a teeny bit yellow and firm to touch or about 7 minutes in a 180 degree oven. If you want a flat pizza poke holes with a fork in the centre leaving a rim for the crust to rise.
  3. While the base is cooking get a vegetable peeler and peel the zucchinis into thin ribbons, cut the bits that are too hard to peel into thin slices so they cook at a similar rate.
  4. Prepare the tomatoes by cutting them into small slices.
  5. Blend up your pesto and spoon it into the centre of the base – slowly spreading out towards the edge. Home made pesto packs a punch so you only need a really thin layer to provide flavour, if you are using store bought now is a good time to sprinkle some salt on.
  6. Crumble a quarter of your feta chunk over the base then artfully lay your tomatoes followed by the ribbons of zucchini and then more feta. I have also used mozzerralla (like in the photos, but if you do that, sprinkle a bit of salt on the finished pizza)
  7. Cook in a hot over for about 7-10 minutes.

Summer Lovin Pizza - Little Lauren's Adventures - Top slice

These pizzas are deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious and so full of summery flavour. For extra summery touch eat outside with wine and friends!

This recipe makes one pizza, although I would recommend making three pizzas and then keeping the left overs for lunch. This crisps up beautifully in your local office sandwich press.

Summer Lovin Pizza - Little Lauren's Adventures - Top view

All of my toppings were sourced from my garden and if you live in Canberra and ask nicely I’ll probably give you some, otherwise this will cost $4 for 1 pizza (and left over cheese and tomatoes) which will feed one hungry person. This has assumed you have made a home made pizza and blended your own pesto. If you buy a base and pesto the price is $7.80 (with ¾ jar of pesto and one pizza base + the above left overs). This price is based on the highest prices available from two major supermarket’s online stores as at 31 January 2018.

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