Fish can be slippery little suckers. They seem like a huge hurdle in the life of a new cook, but don’t be scared cooking fish can be easy, quick and versatile!

I tend to make this for dinner parties where I want to feed a lot of people and not feel like I’ve over eaten  – also it’s just super tasty.

What you need:

1-2kg fish (I tend to use a whole fish or salmon halves for parties)

1 long red chilli or 2 birds eye chillies

5cm of ginger “julienned” or sliced into strips

2 cloves of garlic 

1 bunch of coriander

1 lemon 

¼ cup of soy

2 glugs of sesame oil

Sizzle sauce

Let’s do this:

1.       If using a whole fish cut three slits to the bone on either side to ensure a more even and faster cook.

2.       Place the fish in a large piece of al foil that is big enough to encase the fish like a giant empanada

3.       Stuff the crevice of the fish with the chillies, slices of lemon, the garlic, half the ginger, and the washed stems of coriander – sprinkling the remaining ginger on top of the fish. If you are using a fillet just place the ingredients on top of the fish. 

4.       Pour the soy sauce and sesame oil in to cover the fish. 

5.       Wrap the fish, ensuring there is some space between the fish and the al foil so it can steam in the oven.

6.       Place the fish in a pre-heated 180C oven for about 25 minutes or until you can flake the flesh with a fork or the fin is removed with ease.

7.       Now Is your sizzle sauce moment – the drama, the sizzle. 

8.       Top the fish with fresh greens including the green stem of spring onion (left over from the sizzle sauce) and coriander leaves.

So there you are, my not so secret baked fish with sizzle sauce recipe that my friends have now been asking for, for a few years – so, you’re welcome!

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