Operation Lunch Box

Lunch is by far one of the most forgotten meals of the day. No one really goes to lunch anymore thanks to all day breakfast or you know… late brunch.”

While lunch on weekends can often be skipped by stuffing yourself silly with breakfast foods and then snacking till dinner, lunch at work is different. When you forget to prepare for lunch at work – like I do, almost every day – you eat a lot of canned goods or microwave rice. So I’m trying to get better, because lunch is the little ray of sunshine in the middle of the day at an office and $8 for a ham and cheese toastie is just unsustainable.

Obviously the best lunch is leftovers but sometimes you are just really hungry at night. Here I experiment with easy and cheap lunches that are different and don’t require huge amounts of prep. While I like the idea of salads I become insatiably hungry at 2pm if I don’t have something more substantial so I have to get a bit more creative.

I’m lucky enough to work in an office with a kitchen space that includes a fridge/freezer, microwave, and sandwich press that can be utilised to joush up your midday meals.