This is not some grand announcement that I have changed my ways. This is to flag you may notice a lot more vegetarian friendly recipes creeping into the blog.

I’m not really a flexitarian, I’m just an omnivore trying to eat less meat.

It all started in the dead of Canberra winter. I noticed that I hardly ate any vegetables. I would have a delicious, warm and filling dinner but it would have maybe one vegetable in the whole thing. Unless I was trying to bulk up my meals, my inclusion of veg was negligible. I also ate little to no raw veg in the winter. This worried me, I had grown up in a house where we would have a lot of salads! But now I was picky and no one was telling me to eat my greens so lettuce fell by the wayside. If I had googled my diet at this time, I probably would have been a prime candidate for scurvy. I knew something had to change.

Israeli Cous Cou - Little Lauren's Adventures - Ingredients

At first I attempted green smoothies. They weren’t bad. They were prohibitively expensive and tasted very green. Most of the time, they actually went this poo brown colour because I added, like, one strawberry. I did this for maybe 2 weeks, then my cool, cheap, smoothie machine broke.

I have been far more successful at making vegetable based dinners 4 nights a week. This was no easy feat. I have a real mental barrier to vegetarianism because, honestly, I’m not very creative with vegetables. But I have researched and experimented and have started following a lot more vegetarian and vegan blogs and I persevered, for two months now!


The changes have been amazing, but actually quite gross and personal but you get the picture. I feel better and I have saved money! There are a few things to note that I thought I’d share:

1. Food from markets – farmers as well as “buyers markets” like Paddy’s Markets, Queen Vic Markets or Fyshwick and Belconnen tends to last a lot longer. This is possibly unique to Canberra especially as a lot of the foods from supermarkets here is transported from the surrounding farms to Sydney or Melbourne and shipped back, so the refrigeration period is longer.

2. Vegetarian dinners are often much faster to cook

3. It can lead to new skills of preparation and cooking because you are using similar ingredients in different ways

4. You understand why buying in season is a real benefit – things are much tastier.

Anyway this is my two cents. You can try some of my new vegetable based recipes for yourself, including Vegetarian kousa, Chilli con Beano and Spicy Watermelon Salad.

Share your favourite vegetarian dish to cook below and let me know if you have any more questions.

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