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Cool, so I totally waited until the end of summer to share this very summery recipe. But in this one instance I am lucky to have climate change on my side and you will probably be able to make this well into April (gross, Lauren, distasteful).

Anyway, I love this, obsessively so and what started very frankly as a recipe for Dad’s Mango Salsa is now just a summer fruit salsa. Although I haven’t mixed fruits (I’m not a fruit salad fan) I have tried multiple and can confirm this works with most sweet stone fruits nearly past their prime (is mango a stone fruit!?

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Looking for a way to reduce your kitchen scraps? A delicious addition to your salad dress? A fun gift for friends?

Um, look no further because I got you sorted.

Prior to moving recently I was trying to think of clever ways to reduce my food waste that weren’t composting. I love composting but it is a reality that I might not have a garden in the future and so can’t lean on the whole “But I compost” as much as I had wanted.

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Plastic Free July is overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I am so relieved, it has been an EFFORT! But to help you on your journey I have some tips to help you on your journey to reduce plastic!

This is a transition – not a transformation (can you tell I’ve been watching Queer Eye?). There are a few simple things to remember if you want to start reducing the plastic in your life to keep it manageable and moving forward!

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Fish can be slippery little suckers. They seem like a huge hurdle in the life of a new cook, but don’t be scared cooking fish can be easy, quick and versatile!

I tend to make this for dinner parties where I want to feed a lot of people and not feel like I’ve over eaten  – also it’s just super tasty.

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This is the sauce of your dreams

What you need:

2 cloves of smashed garlic chopped roughly
1 long red chilli chopped
1 bunch of shallots also chopped
3 cm them of ginger grated or thinly chopped
1/4 cup of peanut oil

Let’s do this

  1. place all the ingredients except the oil in a mortar and pestle adding a pinch of salt and pound until you make a thick paste.

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You don’t make friends with salad, but you become your own friend (vom, but true). My love/hate relationship with salad was previously documented on this blog but to overshare once more – when I moved to Canberra my desire for comfort food went through the roof and my consumption of salad went waaaay way down. Eventually I realised I had to rekindle my relationship with salad. So to help you, help you, I have collated my current fave seasonal salads – also good for the ole’ “you bring salad” to BBQs. 

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If you’ve never been to Hobart, you’re in for a treat. This little city packs a lot of punch – it has old, it has new, it has a tonne of amazing food! The city is very walkable, and should your trip be short there is really no need to leave, spending days meandering around the old streets around Salamanca or trudging up the hill towards Sandy Bay for a little more newness the unique heritage of the city makes it a visual feast.

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It’s pretty cold and les miserable at the moment, you know what that means? SOUP SEASON! Tortilla soup is the perfect spicy, hearty soup to warm your soul this winter!

Growing up in SoCal, I miss the Baja Mexican of my childhood – so this soup is nostalgic and delicious. I tell ya what though, it’s probably not authentic, I mean it’s based on the delicious recipe of a Hawaiian themed restaurant so you know –

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Move over Melbourne and Sydney, Tasmania is the new hip state. It has hikes, it has oceans, it has islands upon islands, a fancy museum, a very rich gambler turned philanthropist pouring money into the state’s coffers and amazing food scene. If you are one of the few hip people that haven’t been to Tasmania yet, I am here to say – believe the hype! There is so much to do in East Coast Tasmania,

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