About Little Lauren

 Welcome to Little Lauren’s Adventures!

A hub, where I, Lauren, love to share with you exciting things to I discover.

My main focus is on sharing affordable, healthy and quick recipes for the novice/embattled cooks out there. I’m no chef but I have vast experience being on a budget and balancing that for a love of eating. Not long ago, I was spending hundreds of dollars a week on food and cooking multi-page recipes everynight… let me hear you say “burnout!” I was surrounded and heavily influenced by the idea of everyone being a masterchef, I totally forgot that good food doesn’t need to be expensive! To prove my point I started the $10 Meal Challenge.

As well as recipes I also share my Adventures (big and small), and experiments in food, fashion crafts and beyond.
I’m always up for a chat or if your in the Canberra region down to catch up for a tea and toastie just contact me at lauren @ littlelauren . com or in the contact form below!
Looking forward to more adventures in food, travel and beyond.

About me:

I’m a restless adventurer based in Canberra with strong roots in and frequent trips to Sydney.

During the day I work diligently behind a desk with window glimpses dreaming of adventures, food and parties.

I love entertaining and am proud to come from what my mum describes as a 1800-Dial-A-Party family, happy (and ready) to feed whoever, whenever.  I have a growing repertoire, focusing on cheap, quick and healthy-ish meals to compliment a budget… I’m working on my issues with seasoning.

I like exercise but I hate team sport;
I like tea but don’t drink coffee;
I try to eat mostly plants but love a good burger;
I care but it hurts; and
I’m always ready for something new!

I am a strong enthusiast for cultural diversity, exploring and a self-professed nasty woman. If you would like to get in touch to learn more about me or just say hi you can email me.

Lauren xx

You can see more of my work here and my policy about the blog here.