$10 Meal Challenge

$10 Meal Challenge

A few years ago I started trying to create and highlight recipes and lunch idea that were affordable for students and those moving out of home. It’s safe to say at the time I was a little naive in the way I went about this. Now that I have more in the kitchen as a student and beyond I thought I could share with you some more appropriate ideas.

For example,  I now know cooking everyday (for yourself or others) can be tiring and repetitive, nobody likes the supermarket, and cooking pasta every day when on a budget can be hard to avoid. These base principles led to the $10 Meal Challenge and Operation Lunchbox as ways to share easy, affordable and diverse meals keeping in mind:

  1. $10 per meal requires a pretty well stocked pantry
  2. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore
  3. Leftovers are your best friends
  4. You don’t always want to cook: defrosting a pre prepared meal is a midweek miracle
  5. Food waste is a depressing thing to deal with especially when you are already short of cash.

All recipes in the $10 meal challenge and Operation lunchbox categories will be priced at $10 or less for 2 serves.

Where possible all meals will be priced per serve and bonus features will be showcased with buttons letting you know if the meal is freezer friendly, can be multiplied (pictured and explained below) and can be clicked on to see more recipes with that fit this category.