Welcome to Little Lauren’s Adventures Accidental Relaunch!

I’m Lauren and I’ve been at the reigns of some kind of blog in this space for nearly seven years! Last December my server completely crashed! It was incredible, mainly because I feel the internet has a reputation of being invincible.

This crash was a mixed blessing: gone are any embarrassing posts written during growing pains or late teens. Gone are the struggles for a blog identity;

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This is not some grand announcement that I have changed my ways. This is to flag you may notice a lot more vegetarian friendly recipes creeping into the blog.

I’m not really a flexitarian, I’m just an omnivore trying to eat less meat.

It all started in the dead of Canberra winter. I noticed that I hardly ate any vegetables. I would have a delicious, warm and filling dinner but it would have maybe one vegetable in the whole thing.

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Last year was my first year of full time work, it was wonderful but at the end of the year I had managed to save literally zero dollars. I actually saved more whilst unemployed, I didn’t even make large adult like purchases like a car or holiday. This is likely due for my penchant to “treat myself” for ridiculous achievements… good job Lauren you went to work today – doughnut time!

Anyway, this year I decided to change things up,

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First up, I totally stole that name from my friend Jenny after she called my vegetarian burrito bowl said name. I love it!

This recipe is wonderful for when you want to whip up a quick and easy dinner but JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME. Using primarily left overs, fresh veg and canned goods it answers all your one pan, fresh and warm cravings in one easy bowl. The bowl on it’s own is quite filling and perfect for an office lunch –

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